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Why choose a Beasy standard plastic board over our "Premium" gliding Transfer System?

Beasy "Premium" Gliding Transfer Systems are an amazing product that work for most transfers, however, there are some patients that have medical needs that may require a more standard or affordable option. If your client has issues with certain types of dementia or phobias of movement, a standard board may be a better option for them. The NEW plastic transfer boards are strong and have a longer durable life than do most standard wood boards, especially in excessive heat and humidity.

With a weight limit of 500 lbs., these devices are safe for most patients, including bariatrics. The ultra-smooth surface help patients slide easily, keeping tender skin safe.

They can be cleaned quickly and easily with any sanitizing cleanser.

Scratch Disclaimer:

Plastic Transfer boards can and will scratch when used on hard surfaces. It is important to always use the board with the bottom side down so that the bottom surface is the only one that comes in contact with other hard surfaces. This will keep the top of your transfer board smooth and safe for tender skin.

Safe from Sliding:

To keep your transfer board from sliding when hard surface is in contact with another hard surface, you can put a towel or piece of rubber in between the surfaces. Make sure the board is very stable before any transfer is made.

note: The New Plastic
patient transfer boards will be replacing
all of the discontinued standard wood boards