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Ketepa Pride Tea
Grown and packaged by Ketepa Tea Packers Limited. Ketepa Tea Packers Limited is the largest tea company in Africa, packaging nearly 20 million kg of black tea per year.
It is 100% naturally grown in volcanic soil and is free from pesticides.
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Ketepa Pride Kenya Black Tea Ketepa Pride Black Tea - Catering Pack

Kenya Pride Tea, also known as “black tea” is blended from a selection of tea with finer granules, allowing for full, fast infusion.Catering pack contains filter bags, and sold in packages of 100 tagless tea bags. All sales are final. No returns available for Ketepa Pride Tea Catering Packs.

Discontinued Item: $10.00
Price: $10.00

Safari Pure Tea - 100 tea bag box Safari Pure Tea

Enjoy Safari Pure Tea’s rich aroma and full-bodied taste from Kenya’s undulating verdant highlands. Our leaves are handpicked from lush green tea fields, 7000 feet above sea level, where the generous rainfall and perfect climate cultivate Safari characteristically high quality, deeply satisfying flavor.

Price: $12.00