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Beasy Premium Transfer Boards

The industry leader for high quality, high functioning transfer boards. Our plastic transfer boards are made from a patented DuPont polymer.

The patented Beasy technology places the user on a safe, stable seat. The seat moves easily across the base of the system, not the user's skin. Consequently, shear forces and friction, present in some other transfer boards can be eliminated.

It is a well documented fact, lifting leads to injury.

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BeasyTrans Original Transfer Board BeasyTrans Original Transfer Board

The BeasyTrans Original 40-inch transfer board is ideal for automobile transfers. The longer length accommodates transfers in areas where space is not an issue such as wheelchair to bed. This model has been used successfully in boosting or repositioning patients in bed.

Price: $219.00
Beasy II premium transfer board Beasy II Premium Transfer Board

The Beasy II premium transfer board is our 27.5″ long model that is perfect for using in small areas, especially for bathroom transfers. If the attending professional approves, this system may be used for independent transfers.

Price: $219.00
BeasyGlyder premium transfer board BeasyGlyder Premium Transfer Board

The BeasyGlyder premium transfer board is 32″ and a great solution for situation when the arm of the wheelchair is not removable or the wheel is an obstacle. The crescent shape of the board facilitates the caregivers natural transfer motions. The seat and base are the same diameter.

Price: $219.00